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Maple Leaf Outfitters is your source for the best in trophy black bear hunting at reasonable prices. With over 30 years of experience, our world class guides have amassed the knowledge and secrets needed to provide you the hunt of a lifetime! M.L.O. is located in northern Ontario, situated on 5 management units that overlook more than 800 square miles of prime black bear habitat. At Maple leaf Outfitters we specialize in taking trophy class bruins. Every year we take some nice Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young animals. We started our selective harvest program many years ago. This is why today we are able to maintain a higher percentage of larger trophy-class animals. Unlike some outfitters, we do not post exaggerated kill percentages or attempt to place a guarantee on the success of your hunt. There are many factors (a lot of which we can not control) that will effect how successful your hunt will be: The weather conditions, the personality of the many bears in your hunting area, and most of all, your personal abilities to perform as a savvy hunter while pursuing your trophy in the Canadian bush. The average size of our bears taken on a yearly basis runs between 175 lbs. and 275 lbs., although we commonly take them much larger and more frequently on average.

Our specialized bait, formulas and baiting techniques are absolutely top notch. We pride ourselves heavily on this.

Over the years through trial and error we have developed many ways to encourage these crafty animals into shooting range. In order to maintain our overall quality and quantity of animals in our management units, we only book a limited amount of hunters each season. We never over hunt any one area. Our hunters are placed over prime hunting baits using proven techniques and practices that will offer the hunter the ultimate advantage during his time on stand.

Do to the cancellation of the spring hunt we are limited to only the fall hunt for now. The fall hunt offers many opportunities that the spring does not. . The bears are approaching their maximum weight for the year due to their upcoming hibernation in the winter. The bear's pelts are in prime condition being extremely full and thick. NO BUGS... The nuisance insects found in the spring are pretty much non-existent in the fall. During the springtime boars tend to be preoccupied with the mating season and tend to travel often and far in search for sows. In the fall the big boars stay put and only have one thing on their mind and that is food!! We also pride ourselves in operating and maintaining a successful and organized camp. Our repeat clients will attest to our personal guarantee and promise of working hard while applying our vast knowledge and experience in reaching our goal: MLO is a dedicated outfitter whose goal is to send each hunter home with a trophy bear and the memories of an awesome hunting experience....

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