Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hunt with a bow, or rifle?
We cater to both rifle and archery hunters. With a bow your average shot is between 8 and 12 yards. With a rifle we set the hunter up with whatever range he or she is comfortable with. You must Bring Hunter Orange with you and wear it when walking into and out of your hunting area.

What is the average size bear taken?
If we combined all the bear taken I would have to say the average size would be between 175 and 275lbs. We do not allow small bears or sows with cubs or cubs to be taken at anytime. We do have many Monster bears in our areas so if the hunter chooses to be selective there is a great opportunity for that hunter to go home with a record book bear.

What is the hunter to guide ratio?
On the norm we average about 2 or 3 hunter per guide.

Where are you located?
We are located in Northern Ontario (Kirkland Lake area). We are about 6.5 hours above Toronto, 7.5 hours above Niagara Falls, and 2 hours above North Bay. When contacting us we will give you exact directions to camp.

Can we drive up or fly?
Actually you can do either. You can drive right to camp or you can fly in to the closest airport. (North Bay) or (Timmins).

Are there boats available?
We do have a boat or two in camp but we cannot promise that there will always be a boat available for you to use. You may bring your own if you wish. You may also bring your ATV or ATC if you would like. We will provide transportation to and from your hunting area. The lake has excellent Walleye and Smallmouth Bass fishing.

Can we bring a handgun?
In the Province of Ontario handguns are illegal and may not be used in any manner.

What is your success ratio?
Our success rate is VERY high. To put a number down or a percentage rate would not be fair, because every year differs, but all in all we are a very successful camp. Most hunters in camp will have the opportunity to harvest a nice black bear.

What do you use for bait?
What do we use for bait well I think it would be easier to say what don't we use for bait. Bear are kind of like people when it comes to eating. Some bears like sweet stuff and some bears like meaty stuff. So, we use a little bit of everything to encourage any appetite style that we encounter to enter into shooting range.

Do you offer a spring bear hunt?
We did in the past but a few years ago Ontario shut down the spring hunt do to anti pressure. If they bring the spring hunt back into action we will cater to both fall and spring hunts. Right now the Province of Ontario is trying to reinstate the spring bear hunt. It seems since they shut down the spring hunt there is a lot more Nuisance bear problems.

Do you hunt with dogs?
No we do not use dogs to hunt. Many reason for this and here are a few. We are very successful with our baiting techniques. Big bears are not tree climbers there for the opportunity to shoot an absolute monster would not be there. The Canadian bush can be very unforgiving and is not a good habitat to run any kind of domestic animal through.

How far from camp is the closest town or restaurant?
From the lower camp there is a general store, Local Inn, and restaurant all with in three miles of camp. You may purchase your license at the general store.

What is the weather like that time of year?
We ask our hunters to be prepared for all seasons. The weather can change dramatically in a matter of minutes. Normally the average for that time would be mid 40s to mid 60s give or take.

What do I need to know about crossing the border?
You may click on the links button on this page to find out about all the laws and requirements about bringing a firearm into Canada, importing and exporting your trophy and alcohol and tobacco transportation.